My Treatment Philosophy

Our bodies and minds are a complex and continuous flux of interactions between physical stresses, biochemical processes and emotional or energetic impulses. In addition, our daily interactions with the external world exert a constant influence on our body’s internal environment and our health.
According to the philosophies of Oriental medicine, good health comes from harmony and balance within our bodies, as well as in our relationships with the world around us. When all forces acting within and upon the body are in accord, health will naturally follow.
Given the complexity of the forces that govern our health and the stresses of modern living, it’s not surprising that occasionally we lose our balance and fall into states of ill health.  Oriental medicine understands this process very well and its primary aim is the restoration of a healthy balance both internally and externally.
For this reason, when treating you with Acupuncture or Shiatsu, I view your condition within the context of your whole life.  Your history, lifestyle, work environment, emotional state and diet may all suggest the reasons that your problem has arisen at this time in your life.  A thorough examination of these factors during your first consultation aims to uncover the imbalances that are the underlying cause of your symptoms.
Your course of treatment can then be aimed at restoring a state of healthy balance, reducing the severity of your symptoms and speeding your recovery.  Often, an important part of that treatment is the discussion of some simple lifestyle changes, so that together, we can create a plan that allows you to take an active role in your return to health.


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